100% Raw Arizona Wildflower Honey

Local Honey You Can Trust!

Current pricing is:

$17 per pint

$27.00 for quart.


We are the local beekeepers that you can trust!

We believe that the best honey you can buy is raw local honey directly from a trusted beekeeper.

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Local honey comes from the bees that live in your area, and is well established to be a great immune booster against seasonal allergies. You can be sure that the Fort Rock Farms honey you enjoy is local to northern Arizona, 100% pure, unadulterated.

Also, by buying local honey, you not only support a sustainable environment, you support the local economy.

Some call it “liquid gold”, and it makes sense given the great taste and the benefits to your immune system. But we’re fine just calling it honey. In fact, we prefer to call it what it is…”raw honey,” which is pure honey that has not been filtered, strained or heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s great stuff, and you gotta get you some!

Our bees had a great year with an abundance of Northern Arizona wildflowers.

The honey they produced is very sweet, perfect for baking and sweetener or help with spring time high desert allergies.

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