Arizona Grass Fed Beef



We give our cows a great life…

So they can be great on your table!


Our Arizona Beef Shares

Purchasing a steer, or “share” is a great investment for your family’s health and annual food budget!

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It can also be a little scary and overwhelming for first-timers…

Our goal is to make this fun and easy for you!

A deposit ($100 per 1/4) buys you a “share” of one of our finishing steers. If a whole steer is too much, we match you with other families that would like to share.

We handle the brand inspection/ownership documents and make all final arrangements, including final delivery with your butcher for you.

We have a long list of excited customers that we’ve helped to take that first step to know where their food comes from (references available by request).

Steroids, growth hormones, and preventative antibiotic programs associated with commercial feedlots aren’t found here.

Raised naturally, our beef does take longer to finish but it’s worth the wait. Our customers enthusiastically agree.

We offer both, grass-fed and finished steers for those that want clean and lean protein as well as grass-fed, grain-finished for those looking for the ultimate grilling and smoking experiences.

We sell quarters, halves, and wholes with an average wait time of one to three months. On occasion, someone will change the size of their purchase which leaves a ¼ or ½ available on short notice so it’s important to be on the list.

Once the butcher starts, your beef is dry-aged for 14 to 21 days before being cut, wrapped, and frozen for delivery. Most of our customers prefer our standard butcher cut but on ½’s and whole orders, custom processing is available at no extra charge.

Example: If you enjoy your steaks 2″ thick as opposed to 1″ or prefer a tenderloin roast over Porterhouse and T-bone steaks, we can customize your order to put the cuts you want in your freezer.



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