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“Simple Living”, that phrase sure is attractive and at times, even romantic. Pinterest has a never-ending supply of snippets and pretty pictures that celebrate living life with less and I’ve lost count of the books written on the subject.

I have had a recurring daydream of this simple living long as I can remember. As the years passed by the urge would grow but so did the responsibilities of a successful (and sometimes not so successful) business and a house full of kids.

On particularly stressful days I would picture a life filled with growing and raising our own food, fiddling with solar and wind power then pumping fresh water from our own deep well. Cutting firewood, turning compost and the general manual labor at high altitude would surely have more lasting effects on my health than the annual 3-month failure prone gym memberships which had become my post-holiday ritual.

“Someday”, is the word I would say out loud as I would snap out of my daydream.