45 – Simple living, the final step.

January was fast approaching. Our youngest daughter was set to transfer to NAU/Flagstaff and the sale of our business was to close the same day. We had spent several years purging “stuff” in anticipation for this move. What once was a life in a 3500sq ft house with a 1200sq ft garage and 2 storage units was now going to fit in one 40′ storage container. Take a minute to wrap your head around that.

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This wasn’t “tidying up a bit”. This was the last major transformation before being firmly planted in a simpler life. The things we kept had real meaning or usefulness so we opted to spend a few extra bucks on a “one trip”, almost new container. Guaranteed to be wind and water tight. After shopping around, we made a deal on one from Jim at Echo Storage just South of Kingman which included delivery to our place.

We spent a day building a level pad to shed water away from our new box.

Other than being too tall to fit comfortably through our gate, it all went smooth and the delivery driver dropped it right where we wanted.

Surprisingly, we only filled 2/3rds of the container with 1/3 of that being a stock of dry goods and canned foods that we’ll go through on a regular basis. Once the momentum of purging and selling stuff kicks in, it goes pretty fast. Minus tools and equipment, all our worldly possessions, including stuff saved for the house when we finish it, fit in a 25’x8′ space with room to walk down the center. It’s the first time I can remember not being owned by a bunch of “things”. It’s pretty fantastic.

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