64 – Pasture Grasses

Getting back to our first try at quality pasture grasses. All the work paid off. The buckwheat was the first to bloom and we had thousands of our bees on it everyday. This seasons honey harvest is dark and rich like only buckwheat can produce. A little bit of heaven in a jar.

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The Japanese Millet came in strong. Here’s Amy enjoying a whiskey on a nice day.

Our layers loving it. Feed costs dropped by 40% once they had this wonderful salad bar full of bugs and good greens.

We didn’t graze or manage it as we wanted to see how it would do on its own. Between the 5 and 6′ height we were satisfied. Never lost a layer due to hawks all summer. They had lots of cover. The first time we lost a bull calf for 20 minutes we knew it was time to cut.

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