78 – What a Difference

As I've said before, we are coming up on 2 years of full time off grid living. My health has been changing for the better for several years now but 6 months ago I made an actual effort to eat clean. Basically, if we don’t grow or raise it ourselves or can’t trade a neighbor for it- I had little interest. Yeah, I even cut way back on beer too. I still indulge from time to time. Too many beers with friends and too many servings of chips and salsa is something I’m just not willing to give up.

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I've been holding at 185 for quite some time now. This is me harvesting veggies Tuesday morning for Havasu deliveries to customers. It's been quite a ride getting here but we have zero regrets. I looked for an acceptable picture of Amy to post but came up short. Sometime last year she embraced our privacy and simply stopped putting clothes on. Ball cap and sneakers make up most of her summertime wardrobe. Please just trust me when I say she looks great. 😀

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