14 – Getting Ready for Solar Powered Farm Water

Our entire property will be solar powered so the water system was designed around this. After 3 months of research and talking with anyone in the field that would take my call I went with a Grundfos 6 gallon per minute pump that will take solar or generator without missing a beat. It is rated for 850′ of head pressure so my 375′ is nothing for it.

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 photo IMG_4143 2_zpsm4xfxbsd.jpg

By this stage of the game I had become good at finding the info I needed on the internet. Between YouTube videos and manufacturer websites, most of what you need is out there. Add some common sense and basic mechanical ability and you have a recipe for success.

Here we have everything wired, taped and secured on the pump.

 photo IMG_4146 2_zpskknzgkce.jpg

We unrolled the 300′ roll of 1″ poly pipe, ran wire and safety rope from the pump and taped it every 10 feet.

 photo Amys iphone 851_zpsnluxlnli.jpg

 photo IMG_0735_zpskhmnmhr2.jpg

 photo IMG_4139 2_zpskcenyh7j.jpg

 photo IMG_4134 2_zps5h3fmhbv.jpg

Then I tied it off to our Ranger in case it started to get away from me and had Sadie slowly drive down the road as I hand fed it into the well.

 photo IMG_0736_zpsxjt8izfx.jpg

Setting that by hand brought me right to my physical limits. My hands ached for weeks. I can see why pump guys use boom trucks.

 photo IMG_0739_zpssrmicpql.jpg

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