30 – Lucy’s Great on the Farm, but She Ain’t Much to Look At

We came across an ideal candidate for the dump truck with a solid drivetrain and the right size, low sided bed. The price was fair and with the projected maintenance and repairs we would still be under the budget we had set.

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Being ugly even for a ranch truck, we used the left-over money in the budget to fix her up a bit and named her, “Lucy”. I can’t even guess how many hours she has worked for us with no complaints but it’s clear that this has been one of our best investments next to the backhoe.

The day we bought Lucy.

 photo 048_zpskipbnch5.jpg

After a couple months of service work and a cheap coat of paint on the bed along with used wheels and fresh tires she headed for the ranch.

 photo IMG_3989_zpsgbme5bu5.jpg

A friend of ours was building a rock screen for himself and offered to build a second for a price that I just couldn’t refuse. Here is the finished product. It screens 4″ rocks plus has an overlay that goes down to 1″.

 photo IMG_6714_zps5iyeo89r.jpg

 photo IMG_6715_zpsdohgrf4v.jpg

This is the material we can make from the rock that comes out of our trenches. This is a huge upgrade to backfilling in water lines and just having great fill material for whatever you might be building. Another great investment.

 photo IMG_4560_zpstqa9ntdj.jpg

 photo IMG_4535_zpslgzfzhyw.jpg

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