110 – RV Pads II

We sketched out a plan and got it painted pretty quick. This was after spending a few days clearing years of accumulation off the pad.

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Going into 4th of July weekend we had all the trenches done and all parts were ready. Our friends came from Phoenix and Southern California and jumped in as soon as they arrived. I think we calculated 200+ man hours in one long weekend to pull this off.

This is the end of the line. Once septic is in and signed off by the county we can open this trench of and make the connections. There’s an extra water line we’ll run through open trenches down below where the leech field is going. Can never have too many water sources.

After letting it sit under pressure for a day we checked for leaks and backfilled.

We finished just in time for the first rain. But not in time to get all the equipment off the pad easily.

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