39 – Septic Install

The design called for so much leach rock below the 4″ perforated pipe and so much topsoil above it. The pipe needs to be completely level across all 130 feet of leach field so we started by marking lines in the trench using a laser.

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There was another large job in our area at the time and we were able to make a deal with a dump truck owner to haul loads of leach rock every day on his way up since we are 40 miles one way from the source. Only down side is he could only drop down by the highway so we had to re-load into Lucy for the 5 mile trip to our place.

Luckily, our friend and neighbor keeps an old loader in this area that we were able to use.

This is where really good friends come in. The way this rock is shaped it is almost impossible to rake or move with a shovel. Using hands or feet to move around is the most effective method along with a good spotter telling you exactly where and how much to drop in the trench.

We set the tank in, leveled it and filled with water for the required 24 hour leak test.

Once we verified there were no leaks at the tank we plumbed the leach field. The upright sticks of PVC are left in place so the inspector can verify that we reached the correct depth using a tape measure.

The county building inspector was pretty cool and complimented our system, saying it was one of the nicest “owner/builder” ones he’d seen. He even took our picture for us with our final!

After we celebrated passing inspection we finished the job by laying in the top rock, rosin paper and backfilling trenches with all the clean fill Amy made.

All that was left was returning topsoil and hooking house in when we were ready.

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