42 – Still Lots To Do, Getting Ready for Full Time RV Living

Since we are built on the side of a hill we have to deal with water running downhill. A French drain is a great way to maintain your original grade while having the ability to direct rain water wherever you choose. Here is the basic design.

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First up was digging the trench on the high side of the 5th wheel. I’ve got enough time on the backhoe now to comfortably dig close to things I’d prefer not destroy, like my new house!

Add landscape fabric and plumb your pipe so it carries the water away.

Backfill with gravel all the way up to the grade you want it to be at.

Water drains into a rock bed to keep from eroding during heavy storms.

We eventually planted beans at the end of this run to take advantage of run off water.

Next up was hauling more pea gravel in to finish the area.

Our water pressure is perfect on gravity alone and the quality is outstanding. However, like all Arizona water we needed a softener to combat the naturally hard water. It had to be something small enough to fit inside to keep from freezing. This is a RV specific softener that recharges on simple table salt every 1600 gallons or so. It has worked out great for us.

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