54 – Garden Visitors

In case you’re asking yourself, “Is a 8′ fence really necessary?”. These are our regular visitors. Sorry for the crappy pic. It was taken through the tinted glass of our dining room window.

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The main gate will be one piece, 20′ wide and 8′ tall. It’s gonna be heavy so we needed something crazy big to attach it to. These are 3 retired acetylene tanks welded together for each post. Stupid thick and silly heavy. I sure hope I never run out of talent and crash into them.

First top rail welded in.

More toprail:

There’s just something about having a frozen shot of Patron and some Coors Lights at the end of a long day with your pals.

A lot of thought went to angles and entrance placement. This is the view you drive up to as you reach the house pad. In pictures all the mechanical end of what we are doing might look a little goofy but the first time you drive in you kind of “get it”.

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