55 – Desert Storm Break

Friends or ours, Dave and Stacy Johnson, own a boating website called River Daves Place. Dave sent a text and said he could use some help at Desert Storm. Honestly, his timing couldn’t have been better. We were tired/sore and about a week away from burnout. I asked Amy if she wanted a break to go work the RDP booth on Thursday. “YESSSS!!!!” was her answer. We’ve decided the timing to be perfect and plan to do the whole week next year after going like hell for a couple months straight.

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Back at it…

This fencing comes in 330′ rolls. 8′ tall and is 12.5 gauge material. Each roll is over 400lbs. It’s just ridiculous to work with by hand like we’ve done with other stuff. My buddy built a jig to hold it, roll it and stretch it without killing us. Lifesaver.

All hands on deck to lay it in right.

It seems like all we’ve been doing is tying straps for days. 12 gauge ties will beat the shit out of your fingers by the way.

Edit to add a better shot of the fixture he built.

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