58 – Planting Time

Now that the grass was going it was time to get the garden in as quick as possible. We were already a few weeks behind optimal planting schedule so we put in some looooong days to get ahead of it.

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We hauled about 20 yards of river sand from the wash below us to mix with our compost for the garden. It adds the minerals veggies need and lets your soil drain better.

We experimented with wicking bed style planting to utilize our clay better. Basically, you dig trenches to plant in and the clay holds the moisture in so you water less. As the soil dries it pulls what it needs from down low.

We re-used the raised beds from Havasu as well.

Here’s me painstakingly prepping the rows for sweet potatoes.

Here’s me realizing that tight rows in heavy clay is a terrible idea.

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