70 – A Bit About Us

By July 1st the garden was in full swing and we held back a 1/4 of one of our grass fed steers and 1/2 of a pig for ourselves. The layers were producing the best eggs we’d ever seen with the new pasture grasses and our neighbor was keeping us stocked with raw milk, cheese and butter. The local fish ponds were stuffed with catfish and bass too. Without realizing it, we just stopped going to the grocery store at some point. Sure, we still had to buy toilet paper and paper towels etc but as far as food went- we had everything we needed. Between the gardens, animals and daily chores we were on the go from sun up to sun down burning a ton of calories.

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We had never felt better. No dieting (we eat A LOT!!) and no gym memberships- we pulled the scale out of the storage box. I had dropped below 200 for the first time since my 20’s.
I was 261lbs the day we decided to change our lives for the better. It’s taken almost 5 years of slow and steady progress to drop 61lbs without crash dieting while putting on some useful muscle. Real food and real work. I’ve got muscles in places I never did when I hit the gym in my younger years.

Amy has always had a nice figure but this life is like the fountain of youth for her. Not many 50 year old women look like this!

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