86 – House Solar II

With lithium batteries you now have the ability to mount your system indoors with no special venting requirements. The up front cost on the batteries is high but when you factor in not needing a separate shed or building to house everything on top of the expense of keeping it somewhat climate controlled through the year- it pencils out in the end. We sacrificed the spare bedroom closet to house the entire solar system with room to spare. We added jacks under the framework of the closet to compensate for the extra weight as well.

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We tied directly to the wall studs to hang the pre-assembled panel to. Out of the box it is just shy of 340lbs. Three guys in a closet trying to hang that weight in front of us took us to our physical limit but we got it done. I’ve never wanted a transmission jack more.

At this point it was time for me to step back and let Chicken Dan do his thing. He owns Done Right Electrical in Havasu and unfortunately for him, followed us up here back in 2014. He could probably retire off the billings from all the free shit he’s done for us since becoming our neighbor. Machinist, fabricator, mad scientist- he’s the guy other contractors call in for explosion proof installations or troubleshooting multi-station manufacturing machines and carwashes etc. He speaks well with the engineers that designed this stuff and even caught a couple of their mistakes during installation.

On final inspection, “Wow” was the first word out of the inspectors mouth.

Two very expensive lithium batteries.

Final installation:

Almost forgot the trench work pics for getting the panels away from the house to the pad we put them on. We used 1.5″ conduit to make it easy pulling wire…

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