92 – Perspective During a Pandemic

It seems like the world has gone and found a bit of “crazy” in the last couple of weeks. I admit freely to not watching the news or listening to talk radio, so I’m out of touch with many of the current events, but it’s hard to hide from the volatile stock market and global pandemics, especially if you check in online.

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I suppose I’m “up to speed,” as much as I want to be anyway. A small part of me feels a little validation for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and almost seven years of our lives building a place like this. Strangely, it’s not comforting. I enjoy an excellent economy and seeing my friends thrive and prosper. I like checking in on social media and seeing everyone’s highlight reels. New boat builds, old boat restorations, new truck to pull the toys, vacation selfies, new boobies for the gal in your life- yeah, I dig all that stuff.

While several in our position are doing the “I told you so” dance as people no longer make fun of their prepper mindset- we’re pulling for the world to get back on track ASAP. I don’t know what that looks like, though. Your 401k just had its eyes beat shut, and entire industries shut down overnight with no way to measure the coming trickle down, there’s so much that is beyond our control in the coming days and weeks.

Staying home and limiting interaction with others is being suggested. As a guy that has turned this idea into an art form, I can’t recommend this enough. I would suggest limiting my interaction with the media as well, though. While they enjoy the crisis ratings, they can’t be helping the situation at all.

Pick up some healthy food and make dinner at home. Replace the nightcap with water. Spend less time commuting and more time in bed with your wife (bang her like she’s the one that just killed your 401k, it’s a win- trust me). The best way through this looks nothing like panic.

Not much has changed around here. It’s the natural transition toward spring. Temps are rising, and the days are getting longer. All the steers for the year are getting butchered. The laying hens are finished molting and look their best while producing eggs again. Winter compost is finished and loaded into garden beds for this summer’s veggie production.

Plenty of lazy days for the critters this time of year as well as good afternoon naps for us.

We’re keeping a 1/2 steer for ourselves this year instead of a 1/4. Better safe than sorry. With beef exports slowing or stopping to China, there’s no telling what kind of shit beef will end up in the grocery store in the coming months.

The dogs get fresh steer legs and hooves as their bonus for working night shift all year long keeping mountain lions away. BTW, leave them alone for a few days when they get these. Gus is ok but trying to take a leg away from Maggie is a good way to bleed.

In the event of a virus pandemic, this is about the perfect distance to your closest neighbor.

Costco was out of water cases. I think we’re good.

I took this last night through the living room picture window as I sat on the couch.

We are line of site to the Verizon tower and have very fast speeds since we only compete with I40 travelers. The tower is generator powered and runs out of propane from time to time so we drop service for a few hours up to 24 hours when the road is too muddy to get a propane truck to it. We added satellite internet as a backup so we don’t lose touch with the world when Verizon drops.

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