19 – A Farm Needs Fencing

The next major project on the list was fencing. There are several types and styles of ranch fencing that all get the job done but we really wanted the look and quality of Juniper/Cedar fence posts. It blends perfect with our native trees and will easily outlive my kids (there are similar posts around our area that were put up in the late 1800’s, still functioning).

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Originally, I had planned on doing the fence myself with help from friends on weekends. This would have taken the better part of a year as the fence line is over a mile long. In the end, I hired a great group of cowboys that fence for day wages. These guys are animals when it comes to work. I don’t know how else to put it. 12 hours was the shortest day they worked. I can put out a good day’s work but at the rate we were going I was happy to be covering the labor charge. It would have cost me 4 times as much in time off work to do this all myself.

Clearing 6000 feet of line with chainsaws and pounding 6′ T-posts every 12 feet by hand with several needing to be drilled into solid rock took 4 very long days.

 photo IMG_0963_zpsmfhkme5j.jpg

 photo IMG_0964_zps7q3xknbw.jpg

 photo IMG_0965_zpsqg1b4abf.jpg

 photo IMG_0966_zpsjzsutsan.jpg

 photo IMG_0974_zpshgelkbzb.jpg

Next up was holes for corner posts and gates. Three feet deep, some in solid rock.

 photo IMG_0981_zpsnsx1mff0.jpg

 photo IMG_0984_zpsmv7ghjzd.jpg

Then it was time to start setting posts. Tamping bit on a jack hammer to fill in all three feet. These things are so stout, you wouldn’t want to hit them with a truck.

 photo IMG_1021_zpsrdtchptj.jpg

 photo IMG_1034_zps9c14xyxh.jpg

After posts were set it was time to set lateral posts to make the “H” brace.

 photo IMG_1040_zpskmifvlys.jpg

 photo IMG_1037_zpskozxrvg1.jpg

 photo IMG_1028_zps0xlmkysa.jpg

 photo IMG_1019_zpsbmvn8iec.jpg

 photo IMG_1016_zpsab5gmfxc.jpg

Hanging the wire, quarter continuous mile.

 photo IMG_1050_zps5nyqfanz.jpg

 photo IMG_1049_zpsgqatnfyk.jpg

Finished fence.

 photo IMG_5581_zpsmusdonta.jpg

 photo IMG_5587_zpsgy65hdsy.jpg

 photo IMG_5576_zpsiguwnk3y.jpg

 photo IMG_5597_zpsgpw7mkij.jpg

 photo IMG_5598_zpsftaudowt.jpg

 photo IMG_5601_zps8zputpyw.jpg

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