8 – A Shipping Container for a Barn

Packing tools back and forth every weekend was getting old! Money was tight after doing the roads so I had to wait for the right deal on a storage container to come up.

Ugly, dented and for some reason the previous owner cut the hinges off one of the doors. It was a project for sure but at $1,000 delivered, too good to pass up.

We leveled a spot between two trees at our makeshift camp area and picked up some green Home Depot paint with a yellow tint to match the Junipers so it blends in as opposed to being an eyesore.

 photo IMG_9426_zpse594e1o5.jpg

 photo IMG_9430_zpsehlmo7m6.jpg

 photo IMG_9431_zpsjpbi5fhd.jpg

 photo IMG_9442_zpse1xeiu9x.jpg

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