9 – Drilling a Well For Our Arizona Farm

Water. If you don’t have it, all you really have is dirt. If you do have it, your property has a heartbeat and can grow into anything you can dream up.

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Knowing we would not be able to drill a well ourselves we started socking money away for the well driller from day one. The plan from the beginning was to get water as soon as money would allow so we knew what we were dealing with before spending any more money on the property.

Obviously, roads had to come first to get the drill rig and crew in. From there, nothing would happen until we knew “if” and “how much” water we would have to work with. Neighboring properties had good water so we were optimistic.

The only difference was, I wanted the well on the bluff. A couple months of research and online geology lessons helped me decide this. The Internet is never wrong, right?

It’s a gamble. If they don’t hit water, they still hand you a bill for $10,000 for a dry hole.

So, with fingers crossed the crew set the rig up at 7am and got right to work. The whole process is fascinating!

 photo IMG_9406_zpsnxlnfjr8.jpg

I didn’t get many pictures as I was wrapped up in what they were doing.

 photo IMG_9407_zps8jeqt1f1.jpg

I have never seen a harder working crew and although I don’t stand around and watch well, I knew I would just be in the way with how fast they go.

“Working strong” is another thing to see. I’m quite sure these guys could hold their own in any CrossFit gym. Everything they do is on the run. Everything they lift is at least 100 lbs on up to 250 lbs.

 photo IMG_9408_zpsrtp3oomp.jpg

 photo IMG_9413_zpsi1m3dgn9.jpg

 photo IMG_9420_zpsssf4blup.jpg

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