25 – Creating Permaculture Swales

The amount of work just to bring the keyway back to the original grade was staggering. Next, we had to plumb the overflow and irrigation pipe. The orchard is below the grade of the pond and will be irrigated by pond water full of life and oxygen. The top of the pipe going through the dam wall will be cut at the full level we choose and any overflow will run into swales with fruit and nut trees planted on them.

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 photo 157_zps32r9jivm.jpg

 photo 159_zpsg4yodwa3.jpg

 photo 158_zpsekjqljzm.jpg

We made our own anti seep collar to keep water from traveling down the outside of the drain pipe and weakening the dam wall.

 photo 143_zpsimcpcnub.jpg

 photo 154_zpsb6pwjh9b.jpg

Now that the prep work was done it was time for the dozer to come in and start shaping to match the keyway.

 photo 160_zpsikiwcmxs.jpg

 photo 161_zpsdqmprxpj.jpg

 photo 162_zpsjvysdg3l.jpg

From here it was several days of pushing material then digging and extending the keyway up.

 photo IMG_5759_zpszetahbuj.jpg

 photo IMG_5764_zpsj3h2rcrc.jpg

 photo IMG_5766_zpssokdvgoo.jpg

 photo IMG_5775_zpsfrrpavyb.jpg

 photo IMG_5781_zpshsv08cmm.jpg

 photo IMG_5791_zpshhbk37tw.jpg

Fast forward several days after wheel rolling with lots of water and the loader this is the completed shell. Looks are a little deceiving size wise as Amy is pretty small and there is still 24″ of clay that will line the pond bringing the average depth to 6 feet.

 photo IMG_5797_zpsrhp8ctu1.jpg

Over the next few weeks we screened tons of clay and started laying into the pond and compacting it in short lifts until we had about 12″.

 photo 075 2_zpsjoyatxfe.jpg

 photo 077 2_zpseikvjx9c.jpg

 photo 078 2_zpsgk4oqzew.jpg

We made more good material and mixed it with our compost on the outer shell. The idea was to get grass growing for erosion control as soon as possible. It also gave us an opportunity to try different seed mixes and amounts of compost to find a good combination.

 photo 025 2_zps2nflpw51.jpg

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