4 – Our 50 Acre Farmstead Paradise

As I mentioned before…

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The property is a bit over 50 acres with plenty of character as the elevation changes from 5300′ to 5100′ down in the pasture. It slopes South/Southwest making it ideal for orchards, gardens and solar power. Juniper, Oak and Pinon Pine are plentiful in the area surrounded by plenty of native grasses and shrubs.

Some people prefer the huge trees of a thick forest…heck we do too, but the cost and hardships of growing anything in that setting didn’t make it practical for us to even consider.

The one constant we hear from people on their first trip up is, “Your pictures don’t even come close to showing what it’s like back here“.

Most seem very surprised at the quiet beauty that I can’t seem to capture with a camera. Honestly, I gave up trying so most pictures will be of things we are working on at the time.


photo 014_zps7xicwajh.jpg

photo 044_zps15t76zuh.jpg

photo 051_zpsa1ir2ted.jpg

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