3 – The Path to Debt Free Simple Living

Another necessary and big change for us was how we handled our money. Not long ago Amy and I were the poster children for excessive consumerism, owned by a garage full of water and sand toys, credit cards and more monthly payments than I care to remember.

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We felt very strong about doing this without taking on debt so progress has been limited to available cash.

Working with an average middle class income, if there is such a thing anymore, our spending has been careful and deliberate. That portion of this journey was not easy but the confidence and comfort of being 100% debt free is a big part of “Simple Living” for us.

You will also notice the weight drop off as the pictures progress through the story. Slowly but steady I have dropped to and maintained 205 lbs while no longer needing medication for asthma, high cholesterol or aches and pains.

This was made easy by cutting out processed foods and sticking with what we grow and raise ourselves. The same food we now offer to our Lake Havasu and surrounding area friends and family. (edit-we’ve added a few deliveries to the Phoenix valley each year as well!)


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