36 – Rock Hard Digging

We needed a pad high enough to clear any winter shade for the greenhouse and had also gathered a large collection of rocks from all our digging projects that needed a home.

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We brought in another D8 for the cut and filled it with all our leftover material plus about 80 yards of large rocks to build it up. Digging the water lines should prove to be a miserable experience but the extra height gained will be worth it.

 photo IMG_3496_zpsyrdbbk1l.jpg

 photo IMG_3498_zpshjplq0cz.jpg

 photo IMG_3899_zpsg8l7nlij.jpg

 photo IMG_3534_zpsrhrnlemy.jpg

The finished product with drainage cut in.

 photo IMG_6710_zpshvnbmcrr.jpg

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