12 – Running Lines for Gravity Water Distribution

3 months with no cell phone, no crap food and sleeping sundown to sun up kind of resets a guy. I wrapped that project up feeling better than I had in years.

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 photo IMG_4100_zps2bwbgqwp.jpg

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 photo IMG_4111_zpsnefknws4.jpg

 photo IMG_4112_zpsgwwigxnk.jpg

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 photo IMG_4353_zpsjduiaund.jpg

 photo IMG_4360_zpsv4fm6uek.jpg

 photo IMG_4363_zps59ubz1hk.jpg

The water lines ended up between 30 and 36″ deep which is way below our frost line. Overkill? Maybe- I just wasn’t looking to do this twice.

Here is a pic of Amy flattening a high spot in the trench with her boots. Gives you an idea of the depth. In some areas, the rock was just too much to go any further than 15″ so we eventually hauled in more material and just raised the road over the lines. Anything that comes up out of the ground was done in galvanized pipe. It’s been three winters now and we have had no issues with frozen water lines.

 photo IMG_0619_zpsjxuarjdm.jpg

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