16 – Solar Powered Arizona Farm Water!

I ordered all my solar stuff the week before setting the pump so there wasn’t much of a break in between back filling lines and getting right back to work. Solar energy is super cool but pretty darn ugly in my opinion. The well is close to a potential home site and honestly, I didn’t want to look at solar panels if I didn’t have to.

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I found a nice natural clearing about 150 feet from the well and pushed a road to it then dug a shallow trench for electrical conduit. Followed up by a 7′ hole with the backhoe to set the pole in.

I had become pretty good friends with my well driller by this time and asked him to order me a 20′ section of 6″ steel well casing for upright. Way stouter than the thin wall tubing that Zomeworks spec’d out. Again, I never want to do any of this stuff twice. Moving it around was a chore but with a little creativity, we handled it.

 photo Iphone 11172014 605_zpsvsutiiim.jpg

 photo Iphone 11172014 606_zpspwx8w6dn.jpg

 photo IMG_0710_zpsnrhxxv1e.jpg

I was still waiting on the Zomeworks tracker and solar panels to show up so it was time for a celebratory beer.

 photo IMG_0719_zpsofw71ssl.jpg

Once the solar goodies showed up I offered cold beer in exchange for help. As usual, my pals didn’t disappoint.

 photo IMG_4384_zps3mznvo5j.jpg

 photo IMG_4400_zpsm1j4kzsx.jpg

 photo IMG_4402_zps5h6bs3s6.jpg

 photo IMG_4405_zpsu26x61kc.jpg

 photo IMG_4409_zpsbn7avcpy.jpg

 photo IMG_4419_zpsx1kcuulc.jpg

 photo IMG_4426_zpsq0ryqorl.jpg

 photo IMG_4427_zpsbgujsbm8.jpg

One of my buddies is a great metal fabricator so I asked him to build a box for the pump controller. Vented, reflective and secure.

 photo IMG_4428_zpspfq8cqxr.jpg

 photo IMG_4429 2_zps40sgxopo.jpg

I’m really impressed with the Grundfos products and support. Dummy proof design (great for a guy like me) and easy installation. We wired it with plug ends to easily cut power from panels or to plug into a generator.

 photo IMG_4436 2_zpsaigknfji.jpg

The well site, back filled and wired.

 photo IMG_4441_zpsmk7bcclc.jpg

This is what we ended up with for fire lines.

 photo fire_line_zps57esfxdp.jpg

That wraps up the water system and our first year of owning the property. It’s been plugging away ever since. Very satisfying to put that much planning and work into something and have it turn out as well as it did. At the time, I figured that would be the toughest job we did up here. Turns out, it was just the beginning.

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