17 – Becoming an Arizona Beekeeper

Major construction projects went on hold so we could save more money. We still had plenty to do without spending a bunch of dough, thankfully.

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Through all this we never stopped researching food and how to grow it and everything pointed to a need for a couple strong bee hives for the gardens and orchards to flourish. After tasting real raw honey for the first time I went full geek on honey bees. I bought a bunch of books and watched hours of YouTube videos on beekeeping, pretty much what I do anytime I get interested in something.

There was a beekeeper in Havasu having trouble keeping bees on BLM land by the lake. People were kicking over or stealing the boxes and she would have to move them to Yucca to beat the summer heat. We struck a deal. I provide the ground and water if she provides the bees and equipment so I can gain real world experience. A big win for everyone involved.

We are a couple years in and I’ve learned a ton. Our bee lady has since become part of our little family and comes up every weekend. The number of hives goes up and down. Up to 15 at one time and down to 7 strong, thriving hives. We no longer need to hit the store for sweetener.

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