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At this stage of the game I had learned a whole bunch from experience and being smart enough to listen to some longtime residents. I also listened to everyone that had done anything similar.

  • “I wish I would have done this or that different” is a common theme in those conversations.
  • “I should have planted the trees up there.”
  • “The garden should’ve been closer to the house.”
  • “I like where the chicken coop is in relation to the house but……….”
  • “That road would’ve been easier to maintain if…….”

I had a good idea what it costs to run equipment and was getting better at estimating time and energy a given project might take. The idea of doing things I might regret later had me constantly stressing over a real plan. One that might save me some of the “I wish I woulda……..” moments.

The more I read and researched the more fragmented my plan became. So many good ideas, but on paper it looked like a mess. It lacked flow and overall I lack vision for fine details.

Big picture stuff? I’m your guy. Water systems and fencing were a no brainer that just required work.

Where to put the chickens in relation to the clothes line? Not your guy…. at least I wasn’t.

I found myself in a typical internet “rabbit hole” one evening in a search for ideas on how to set up a homestead. A few videos later and I was watching some interesting stuff at I found myself researching some of his claims and it turns out the Permaculture theory isn’t new, they have 40 plus years of data and mature projects to prove the ideas.