51 – Garden Security

To be deer and elk proof the magic number is 8′. That’s a BIG fence that requires a stout frame. We bought 3000 feet of schedule 80 2 3/8″ oil pipe to build the frame with. Each stick is 30ish feet long and weighs about 150lbs. I dropped some fat and gained some muscle for sure while working with this stuff. This is where friends and neighbors come together in kind of a old school “Barn Raising” fashion. Some jobs are just too big for two people. Over the years Amy and I have put our time in at other ranches helping and learning so it was no surprise to have help with the big stuff on her garden.

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Here we are loading up with the help of our soon to be neighborhood milk cow, “Miss Belle”.

Fast forward after everything was laid out and pipe cut for uprights (which is a job in itself). We thought about using a 6″ auger to cement the posts in place before we were introduced to a friend of a friend that has a set up for pounding these posts in the ground. Cleaner, wayyyyy faster and stronger when done. Money well spent.

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