22 – Clearing Trees

Now that we had a solid plan it was time to begin the very long process of clearing trees. I had trouble with this part. Some of the trees are a couple hundred years old with lots of character including several that have been struck by lightning and somehow lived.

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Since we are on a hillside for the most part it was necessary to cut and fill the pads we wanted so we were left with no choice. We made the best of it by cutting out as much firewood as we could from the trees coming down, saving straight pieces for fence posts and other projects and ran the rest through a Vermeer chipper shredder that would eventually be mixed with our steer manure to compost down to much needed topsoil. We cleared about 3 acres in 6 weeks including processing everything that came down and pulling the stumps.

 photo 341_zpscdka1aho.jpg

 photo 340_zps3jmnnh6z.jpg

 photo 335_zpsvbxevg0p.jpg

 photo 067_zpsfhlu1suj.jpg

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