10 – You Can’t Farm Without Water

My closest neighbor had hit water at 280′ at about the same elevation we were drilling so when we were still dry at 300′ I was starting to sweat it.

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Had I picked the absolute worst spot on the property? How long till I could afford another to punch another hole?

The crew loaded up another drill rod and finally hit water at 310′. Big smiles from everyone, high fives all around.

He estimated about 20 gallons per minute which is enough water for our family to have a ton of animals and a huge garden.

I had enough cash to go to 400′ and asked him to keep going. This is a forever place that my kids will end up with.

I wanted the best water I could afford. Within the next 20 feet we really started to hit water. They went to 379′ and the owner said that’s all he can do. He can’t get the water out of the hole fast enough to keep going.

We had just won the water lottery. 100+ gallons per minute with static level at 225′.

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