34 – Getting Water to the House & Gardens

Next up was getting water lines installed for the house and gardens. We laid out about 800 feet of new trenches that wrapped around all the build sites to keep from crossing over lines later while building the house.

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This was the first time I tied into the original water lines. The idea of extending past the hydrants made the connection a breeze. Going forward I am using more sand around anything I am likely to dig up and tie into as a lot of the work is done by hand.

 photo IMG_6732_zpsrgfjptxj.jpg

We went 36″ to 40″ on the water lines again. That’s well below our frost line and we won’t have to worry about hitting water lines on shallow digs for electric or propane.

 photo IMG_6731_zpstpiwcddj.jpg

 photo IMG_3709_zpstbufon3i.jpg

 photo IMG_3720_zps9k6lkkvv.jpg

 photo IMG_6730_zpsvc08gq6g.jpg

 photo IMG_6729_zpsqlkmrgzn.jpg

 photo IMG_6728_zpshkgm4pcj.jpg

We finally started getting into good dirt about 600 feet into the trench, hopefully you can see the difference in the spoils pile in this picture. Much of our final orchard design is based on this little goldmine of great soil that has collected close to the bluff for hundreds or thousands of years.

 photo IMG_3735_zpsnshjwjda.jpg

Amy follows close behind in the trench cutting roots to make running water lines easier. The backhoe leaves grease on everything in the trench and Amy does a great job of smiling while reapplying it to her clothes and body.

 photo IMG_3736_zpsrrez8rm4.jpg

There is a lot going on in these trenches. There is a 2″ main line that extends all the way to the orchard that we tap into as needed. There is also conduit so we can have multiple options for irrigation valves and timers. The more of this we can automate the better so spending the time and money up front was an easy decision. There are several frost-free valves because over time we have realized, you can’t have too many places with available water.

 photo IMG_6746_zpsie5kfubv.jpg

 photo IMG_6764_zpsmjqxos39.jpg

 photo IMG_6760_zpsdcuuzbpk.jpg

 photo IMG_6755_zpsxmo7nw6d.jpg

We also installed a 1.5″ fire hydrant at the back of the house to easily reach all living areas if ever needed.

 photo IMG_6759_zpsfox25zvv.jpg

There is an extra water line in the trench that runs to the house. We will install rain gutters and collect 2500 gallons of rainwater to use in the garden. Any frost-free valve that is set low will be tied only to rainwater.

 photo IMG_6754_zps8gpplijv.jpg

 photo IMG_6765_zps1xkslju3.jpg

We hauled sand from the wash below and screened it clean to back fill the finished lines.

 photo IMG_6758_zps56svscey.jpg

Here’s a couple of shots of the finish grade along with the outline of the first garden fence.

 photo IMG_4772_zpswxrxlzo2.jpg

 photo IMG_6851_zpsyifnromy.jpg

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